Tim Gale Post Audio (Re-Recording) Mixer / Sound Editor
Tim Gale Post Audio (Re-Recording) Mixer / Sound Editor

A little about Me... (professionally speaking)

I started out in 1996 with Westar Media Group, Inc. in Colorado Springs, CO. It was here that I got my first professional break into audio post-production. I worked on many different radio programs and spots. One of those included the weekly one-hour radio program Promise Keepers This Week. This program included various long form stories written by a three person team, myself included. It also included a long-form message that needed to be edited down for time. Other programs included: Home School Heartbeat (2:00 daily), Creation Moments (2:00 daily), The Weekly Power Magazine (1 hour weekly) and various radio spots for clients like Thomas Nelson Publishers (“The Warning” by T. Davis Bunn, “Threshold” by Bill Myers). Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) used were Spectral Prismatica and Sonic Solutions Sonic Studio.


In 1998, an opportunity became available at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA), located in Minneapolis, MN to help start up their new daily radio department. We began a 30 minute program entitled “Decision Today”. This program contained four to five stories along with a teaching segment from Billy or Franklin Graham or various other speakers. Here I began to hone my skills with compression and equalization. We started out using Sonic Solutions Sonic Studio but after some time an extenuating circumstances, we switched DAW platforms to Pro Tools. It’s also in Minnesota that I started live audio mixing at Calvary Baptist Church in Roseville, MN. I know you’re thinking it’s a church, but as you probably know, churches are becoming more and more sophisticated in their A/V needs. Calvary was no exception.


In 2003, BGEA relocated to Charlotte, NC and in 2005, I transferred from the Radio Department to the Television & Event Production Department and began gaining skill and knowledge in audio post-production for broadcast. This not only included television but also live event situations. It’s here that I continue to grow my skills along with some freelance opportunities.


I’ve helped consult on the upgrading and installation of DAW’s at the BGEA and other locations.


In 2009, a good friend of mine got me hooked up with a local television crewer and I began working off and on as an A2 for various sporting and other types of events. I really enjoy getting out of the studio from time to time to help with live TV. Also, in 2009, BGEA began doing Rock festivals and we started multi-tracking the events again. Sixty-four channels into Pro Tools or Nuendo Live.


I’ve had a lot of experiences over the last few years. I’m still learning. It’s always changing.

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